The project has been done between June and July 2019 in the province of Modena (north Italy) as part of the restoration work on the Castle of Formigine.


The contract was for the construction and installation of two brass crosses designed by Arch. Domenico Biondi, intended to replace the original of the 16th century. The crosses have been revised in a modern key while maintaining the original in terms of shapes, sizes and materials.

The original ancient cross


Dreamet then made the crosses with the brass surface, decorating the front parts with its own controlled and selective oxidation systems and leaving the side profiles intact, also creating the latin writing “Pristino Decore Restituta A.D. MMXIX”.

The second part of the contract was made by combining Dreamet’s metal decoration technology with a four-color printing to create two panels of the archaeological area of the Castle of Formigine: in particular, the panels were made of AISI316 stainless steel, treated with Dreamet controlled oxidation system to create an antique black background. On this metal antique surface then proceeded with four-color printing to create the necessary color codes.

This project is an example of how Dreamet’s metal surface decoration and metal finishing technology blends perfectly with the needs of architects and designers, not only in architecture, metal facade and furniture fields, but also in delicate fields such as art and restoration,: it guarantees a unique and custom aesthetic result, combined with technical characteristics and resistance necessary for the decoration of metal facades and in general of external metal surfaces.


This one is a main aspect: Dreamet uses a process of permanent decoration controlled in graphics that creates effects, patterns and graphics within any metal surface through the controlled and selective growth of protective oxides, without the use of acids, aggressive chemicals, lasers, thermal or mechanical alterations, etchings or pigments such as paints and / or inks.

The result is pure metal, improved in its technical and aesthetic characteristics, not distorted by processes such as acid etching, flaming or printing.


Our metal surfaces and finishes are tested and certified by University and private laboratories: corrosion resistance, food compatibility, wear and above all UV resistance, outdoor durability.


The metal surfaces and finishes treatment by Dreamet not only creates a decorative effect, but it improves the technical characteristics of the base metal used, in particular increases the corrosion resistance. Moreover, it has no change even if exposed 24/7 to UV or weathering.


We are always focused on our values ​​of ecology, quality, sustainability and recycling: the processes used by Dreamet are environmentally friendly, most of the necessary energy is produced by photovoltaic panels and, by not applying anything to the metal, 100% recyclability of the base material is guaranteed.

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